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hated_names's Journal

Least Favourite Anime Character
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So. Everyone has the communities for claiming your FAVOURITE anime character, J-Rocker, song, etc, etc.

What about your least favourite? Well look no further! Here you can claim your least favourite anime character! Why would you want to? Hello! Hating is fun! So give it a try XD

List of claimed characters as of 6/22/02!

Creator: jessibean
Second-in-command: ayamechan

To join: State the character you want and what anime he or she is from in a POST. NOT IN A REPLY

Please check the list before joining!

And everyone is allowed ONE characters to hate! SPREAD THE HATE! No more than one character may be claimed unless you were a member before the claim number was changed, or have earned special privledges .. more to come on that later!

And be sure to visit:
anime_names - Claim an Anime Character
jrock_names - Claim a J-Rocker!
kpop_names - or a K-Pop star!
jsong_names - Claim a J-Song!
yaoi_names - Claim a yaoi couple!
yuri_names - Or a Yuri couple
het_names - or a Het couple ^^;
cosplayer_names - or even a cosplayer

And be sure to visit our parent community, tohmas_closet - the official anime bashing community!

(this community is in no way associated with sight. just so you know)